Consumers are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements each day. How can you make sure your ad stands out from the rest? bMedia, Puerto Rico’s local leaders in outdoor media, has successfully executed marketing campaigns all over North America. There are many reasons we stand so strongly behind effective outdoor advertising strategy.

Outdoor advertising has been a staple of marketing strategy for businesses and brands everywhere. These types of marketing campaigns continuously prove higher ROI for companies who take advantage of this marketing opportunity.

Outdoor advertising or OOH (out-of-home) advertising refers to any advertising medium that targets the consumer outside of their homes. This includes billboards, street posters, retail signage, and more. Why does outdoor advertising work?

Digital advertisements have bombarded consumers so often that most go unnoticed or are ignored. How often do you find yourself skipping over ads when you scroll social media? You can’t skip over a billboard on the highway or a poster at the subway station. 

In fact, another reason why billboards are so effective is simply because they stand out and better capture the consumer’s attention.

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Outdoor Advertising vs. Online Advertising

Online and digital ads have become somewhat of a nuisance, which is why we’re seeing more people download ad-blocking software. Ads you see online also collect extensive amounts of data which allows businesses to directly target individual consumers. This can trigger privacy and security concerns which may lead to distrust between the brand and the consumer.

Outdoor advertising works because it is a real-life experience. It is a physical encounter with the advertisement. Many people spend significant amounts of time outside of their homes where they have no option but to see advertisements such as billboards and posters as they move about. Additionally, because OOH ads don’t require extensive consumer data monitoring, it is generally one of the more accepted forms of advertising.

Another reason why companies opt for OOH advertising is because it is cost-effective. Outdoor advertising is typically less expensive than print or digital marketing. It is also more long-term. On the contrary, in order to run a digital commercial ad, companies often have to pay a repeated fee just so their ad is visible more than once. 

Types of Outdoor Advertising

The advantages of your outdoor advertising strategy depend on which medium you use. Here are the most popular forms of outdoor advertising:


If you’re looking to make a strong impact, creative billboard advertising should be a the top of your strategy list. Billboards, one of the original forms of advertising remains one of the most reliable marketing strategies and has stood the test of time. 

According to an Arbitron National In-Car study, 71 percent of drivers “often look at the messages on roadside billboards.”

Additionally, billboards don’t just have to be static words and images anymore. Technological advancements and the digital shift have given room for billboards to be more creative in terms of design and content. We’re now seeing digital and interactive billboards that continue to turn heads on streets and highways.

Digital billboards are typically made from LED screens that allow animated advertisements to be displayed. They also have the ability to showcase more than one ad. There are also interactive billboards, which allow consumers to directly engage with the advertisement. Movement is great at grabbing the attention of consumers, stimulates the viewer, and creates a new element of creativity. 

Billboards allow flexibility for marketing campaigns. The creative opportunities are endless. Billboards come in different shapes, sizes, mediums and can be put up virtually anywhere. It’s safe to say that this advertising medium shows no signs of slowing down.

Transit Advertising

This type of advertising includes posters and signage seen on buses, cabs, subways, or train and subway waiting platforms. During commutes, consumers encounter thousands of advertisements. That makes this marketing strategy very opportunistic for your business. This marketing strategy is especially great for densely populated cities and urban areas. If an ad gains more exposure, it results in higher levels of engagement.

Transit advertising continues to stay popular due to the simple fact that the need for transit is not going anywhere. Increased ride time and frequency give your ad the opportunity to connect and with the viewer, also allowing them to fully absorb the message of your ad.

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Outdoor Events

Outdoor Events such as product demos, mini-concerts, and integrated free product trials are effective ways of marketing a new product or launch. Events allow the consumer to become a part of the marketing strategy and provide them with a memorable experience that they’ll most likely share on social media or with friends.

Point-of-Sale Advertising

Point of sale advertising, or POS, triggers an impulse for the buyer. This marketing strategy intends to promote and showcase a product right before the customer is about to make a purchase. If a customer is going to make a purchase anyway, they’re more open to the suggestion of adding an extra item. This form of advertising includes simple posters or branded display stands that can be placed outdoors.

Construction Advertising

Construction sites are present in both rural and urban areas and require protective barriers like scaffolding and hoardings. These protective barriers present themselves as a unique opportunity for advertising. 

Examples of construction advertising include scaffold wraps and posters on temporary fences.

Successful Outdoor Advertising Strategy

Here are some tips for developing and executing a successful outdoor advertising strategy.

1. Target High-Traffic Areas

Targeting high-traffic areas gives your advertisement more exposure. A good billboard will be nothing but a wasted opportunity if it is exposed to a small audience.

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2. Be Visible

Visibility nurtures familiarity which results in trust. 

Many consumers travel the same route daily. If they see your outdoor advertisement repeatedly, they develop a sense of familiarity with your brand. The more familiar your brand is, the stronger the trust is between the brand and consumer.

3. Understand your consumer 

Before designing your ad, you must consider the audience who will come into contact with it. Think about how you want them to respond to your advertisement. A good advertisement is memorable and motivates the consumer to take action. If you want to get the most out of your advertisement, these elements must be carefully considered.

How bMedia can help you

Outdoor advertising can be extremely beneficial and profitable for your brand. bMedia can help your business by coming up with the ultimate outdoor advertising strategy for your product. 

No detail is overlooked when creating digital and traditional outdoor media and our advertising professionals can guarantee an effective outdoor advertising campaign. Together, we can maximize the effectiveness of your next marketing campaign. Contact us today.