According to Forbes, most people are exposed to between 4,000 and 10,000 ads per day; there is a challenge for companies to cut through all the noise and make an impact on advertising. Today’s business environment is overrun by competition; you need to differentiate yourself from everyone else. Your product needs to stand out, and increase brand awareness is one of the best ways to do it. This is one of the most powerful advertising mediums for instant recognition and trust among your customers.

Companies can harness the power behind brand advertising platforms such as Out of Home Advertising – OOH to build brand recognition and awareness and expand the market.

Increase Brand Awareness

What is OOH Advertising?

As the name suggests, Out of Home advertising or OOH is an advertising mode found outside the consumer’s home. Companies like bMedia group are leveraging this platform to give businesses a fighting chance.

OOH is inclusive of everything; benches, bus shelters, and billboards. If you can see an ad outside your home, and it’s not on your mobile phone, you are most likely looking at some form of OOH.

Because people spend a lot of time outdoors, the growth of digital advertising has made it hard to get your message heard quickly. OOH provides a solution that combines both digital advancements and traditional advertising, a powerful tool for marketers and advertisers.

Out of Home Advertising Incredible Statistics

Here are some incredible statistics about billboards you probably did not know:

  • In 2018, advertising through OOH was the only traditional tool that showed growth. More than $8 billion was used in OOH ads, growing quarterly.
  • Over 80% of billboard viewers look at the message, and almost half look at the images.
  • Three-quarters of people have noticed the ads on digital billboards, subway, static billboards, newspaper stands, and taxi cabs.
  • Over 69% of all billboard viewers have made purchasing decisions due to OOH ads.

In this regard, it goes to show that incorporating OOH ads in your marketing for brands plan can do the following:

Build and Maintain Your Brand Awareness 

OOH provides the perfect opportunity to instant increase brand awareness, popularity, and elevate its credibility. These strong carryover effects ensure that your awareness strengthens over time.

The larger-than-life images, strong branding awareness, and excellent visibility causes your company to stand out in this cluttered digital space. This is not a competition with other forms of media but a way to cut through the plethora of adverts.

Digital billboards will go a long way in promoting your brand and ensuring your name is on the lips of your potential clientele.

Reach a Massive Audience

OOH provides the most continuous brand popularity and presence of all advertising modes. It informs, stimulates, and entertains one’s senses 24 hours a day. In addition, the ad reach is a much larger audience that includes people who are not constantly on social media.

It also reaches an audience that’s hard to find and engage with, such as people who are cost-prohibitive and light TV viewers. With the many different types of media becoming increasingly fragmented, advertisers need to expand, and OOH targets a very broad demographic.

Sustain Awareness

OOH can maintain your brand’s awareness over time. Therefore, it is more significant and sustainable than other advertising mediums such as television. This is because its continuous presence reaches an audience that other media outlets cannot reach.

The high frequency is also a fundamental strength of OOH. The repeated exposure will ensure that your brand is forever remembered by those who view it.

Out of Home Advertising Incredible Statistics

How Do You Measure The Effectiveness of OOH?

Puerto Ricans are greatly deluged with visual stimulation, and it is estimated that, on average, they can actively view as many billboards as possible. So, naturally, this registers strongly in their minds.

However, for a billboard to be effective and truly stand out from the competition, it must have a captive audience, such as people on a bike, walking, running, or driving. This ensures they cannot ignore the billboard.

Measuring the effectiveness of a billboard is important for every campaign. Therefore, the billboard company, such as bMedia group should provide you with specific data and statistics as pertains to:

The Location

OOH is a unique way of advertising that’s not dynamic. With the internet, ads can change within a short time span. Still, billboards change less often and sometimes offer the most effective ad strategy.

Measuring their effectiveness starts with evaluating the location of their placement. The points to consider include the following:

  • The number of vehicles or people that are passing by the billboard daily.
  • The number of people and cars that see the billboard per day.
  • The number of vehicles or people that interacted with the billboard per day.

How To Measure The Traffic Effectiveness of a Billboard

To measure its effectiveness, it is essential to know the exact amount of traffic surrounding the billboard’s location.

The first thing is to try and find the perfect and most ideal location with a lot of traffic. However, you should know that such areas are usually higher priced than areas with lower traffic. Still, with the amount of business your company will likely receive, this is more than worth it.

Measurement of the traffic is done through many different methods, including using government data, road traffic counts, manually logging in the daily data, and road traffic counts.

The numbers will help determine the ideal location for placing your billboard.

How To Measure The Traffic Effectiveness of a Billboard


Suppose you have a slogan, catchphrase, or brand name unique to your business. In that case, you can use Google Analytics data to scrape methods that can be used to analyze how often those specific words and phrases are typed into search engines.

This is similar to executing keyword search for SEO and helps you understand how you can measure the billboard’s effectiveness. The more search hits your brand name has, the higher the number of people viewing your billboard and taking action.


Hashtags have been used widely to provide enough opportunities to get customers on board for a specific message. In addition, you can utilize hashtags to better evaluate the effectiveness of your billboard ad. The number of people responding and commenting on the hashtag is a great measurement.

Sales Analytics

There is a direct relationship between the number of sales and outdoor ads. The higher the sales figure you receive after placing a billboard ad, the more effective the billboard. Essentially the billboard should bring in more customers, which increases sales. If this does not happen, then it is not effective.

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