Without the proper billboard marketing strategy, creating an effective billboard marketing campaign is challenging. To create a proper billboard marketing strategy, you must be aware of several pieces of very basic, but extremely useful, information. With this information, the entire process of setting up a proper outdoor advertising campaign should be easy and effective.

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Know Your Goals

Every billboard marketing campaign must have a definite purpose.

Without this definitive purpose, it is much more difficult to develop a sound billboard marketing strategy. For example, understanding your audience’s behaviors and interests requires first defining who your audience is and what they do.

Every billboard marketing campaign must have a definite purpose or goal that defines the billboard marketing strategy. Without this definite purpose, creating an effective billboard marketing strategy is far more difficult, because you are unaware of the exact intent of the billboard marketing campaign.

When thinking about your billboard marketing campaign, consider the benefits that you would like the campaign to produce. Do you want more sales? More leads? Are you just trying to get more people visiting your website? Ideally, your intended result is something that is easily measurable.

No matter what, make sure you know the exact purpose of your billboard marketing campaign and the results that you desire. When you are aware of that definite purpose, you can then define the rest of your billboard marketing strategy around that purpose and your intended results.


Is Your Billboard Marketing Effective?

Knowing whether or not your billboard marketing strategy is effective will be an important data point to collect. First, though, you’ll need to know how to define an effective outdoor media campaign. Learn how to measure billboard effectiveness

Collect data! In order to receive a higher ROI (return on investment), you should work with tools that will allow you to measure success. Determine if there are any spikes in business after running an outdoor media ad, or utilize a hashtag to determine if viewers are interacting with your billboard and taking action.

If you’re creating a billboard marketing strategy, first determine your conversion metrics. For example, every billboard marketing campaign is designed toward a goal, for example:

  • better sales
  • more leads
  • more website visits

All of these metrics should be measurable. If the results you are attempting to produce aren’t measurable, it’s very difficult to determine whether or not your billboard marketing campaign has been effective.

To measure the effectiveness of your billboard campaign, you should have some kind of metric in-place. If the intention of your billboard campaign is to have more people visiting your website, you could use web analytics. With an effective ad, you should be capturing new leads every day that your billboard is displayed. Learn about the best billboard designs here.

Regardless of the specific results you would like your billboard marketing campaign to create, make sure you have a way of measuring them. Without that measurability, there’s a good chance you could waste money on an ineffective billboard campaign.

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Review And Edit Frequently

When in doubt, evaluate and change it up!

A reliable billboard marketing strategy is adaptation. Get outside ideas, think beyond the usual scope, and don’t be afraid to take chances. Let’s face it: some billboard marketing campaigns are ineffective. Review and adjust frequently. Discover new ways of promoting your service, brand, products, etc. Make things interesting and be sure to speak directly to your ideal consumer.

If your billboard is unclear or boring, most people won’t take action on the information that’s on the billboard. If your billboard is located in an area where there is little traffic, then that means very few people are seeing your billboard. If your billboard is surrounded by plenty of other billboards – perhaps, these billboards are far more eye-catching than yours – then it will be harder for your billboard to be noticed.

When you review those aspects of your billboard, you may find that there are flaws in your billboard marketing campaign. If there are, then you must take the necessary actions to rectify those flaws, such as redesigning the visuals on your billboard and finding new places for your billboards to go.


Budgeting for your Outdoor Meia

Consider costs for producing and display an outdoor ad. While they’re not cheap, they should be returning a portion of your ad spend and scaling your business. With a set billboard marketing strategy, you will know the costs of an ongoing campaign and the margins that will determine your final ROI.

Pro Tip: Always do your marketing analysis and branding before you launch any type of outdoor media! Viewers remember strong brands, unique messaging, and excellent design.

When you are outlining the budget for your billboard’s marketing campaign, there are a variety of different factors that you must consider. Two of the most important factors that you must, consider, though, are the design of the billboard and where the billboard is going to be located.

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More often than not, the biggest cost in any billboard marketing campaign is the location that is being rented. For example, a billboard in Times Square can cost as much as $3M per month. But, while renting that billboard space can be quite expensive, a good location is always worth the cost because it allows many people to see your billboard and to engage with what you are offering. But, if your billboard is in a bad location, then very few people will see it.

As a result of this, it is wise to set aside much of your budget towards renting out the proper billboard location. With the right billboard location, many people will see your billboard and engage with what you are offering.

In order for people to see, and understand, what you are offering, your billboard must have a good design. Ideally, this design will be clear, concise, engaging, and memorable; all while highlighting what it is that you are offering.

Since your billboard must be all of those things, it’s wise to set aside a fair amount of money for a good billboard design company. With a good billboard design company, the entire process of making your billboard look nice and convey what needs to be conveyed is much easier, ensuring that people will see and remember what you are offering.