If you have a business, advertising is the only way that you can gain public interest in your venture. All of your hard work needs to pay off, so advertising your business properly will help you to generate interest and allow thousands of people the opportunity of seeing your ideas. The best way for you to advertise your business is through DOOH Advertising. This type of advertising allows you to create an image of yourself or your company on billboards, bus stops, posters, flyers, and many other places. The more places that you put up your advertisement, the more people will see it. When they see your advertisement, they will be able to learn about your business and what you are offering. By using this method, you will be able to increase sales and bring in more customers.

Discover more about DOOH advertising in this article and find out if it is something that could help to elevate your brand.

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What Exactly Is DOOH Advertising?

OOH advertising is a popular method of advertising that has been used by companies for decades.

OOH advertising stands for out-of-home advertising, and it is the practice of spreading the word of your business in public spaces for people to see. It allows people to reach out to people and for them to become intrigued by your business, generating more interest.

If OOH advertising stands for out-of-home advertising, what does DOOH mean?

DOOH advertising means digital out-of-home advertising. It is a modern twist on the traditional method of advertising your business on billboards and bus shelters, but digitally.

DOOH advertising allows businesses to use advertising technology to reach their potential clients. This means that they can place advertisements digitally so people can see them when they are in public spaces, reaching a mass audience. They make sure that these advertisements are seen by as many people as possible.

DOOH Advertising Companies

bMedia is a digital advertising company that specializes in DOOH advertising, becoming a leading figure in DOOH advertising in Puerto Rico.

When you work with bMedia, you are working closely with a team of professional media specialists and strategists to make sure that your business is generating the interest that it deserves.

As bMedia works closely with technology, there is the opportunity to work with innovative and creative digital ideas to make sure that your brand is advertised in the best way.

bMedia is a strong figure in OOH advertising, so if you are looking for high-quality DOOH advertising, bMedia can help with your brand and business needs.

bMedia Advertising Rates

bMedia has numerous digital billboards across Puerto Rico in a variety of locations to ensure that your business can be seen all around the island. The rates of billboards depend on their location, but here are some of the locations that bMedia offers and their advertising rates.

In the filters, you can select “Billboard Specification” and select “Digital” to filter all digital billboards.

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Monster bTV Expreso De Diego PR22 & PR165 Outbound

This digital billboard is located on Expreso Jose De Diego PR22. Guaynabo. The location of this billboard is very busy and attracts huge crowds every day as it is near gas stations, office buildings, and restaurants.

As this billboard is in such a prime location where it can be seen by thousands of people daily, the price to use this billboard averages $1,200 per day, and you can reserve it for as long as you’d prefer.

Dorado Puente l Expreso De Diego PR22 Inbound

This billboard is located on José de Diego Expressway PR22. It is along the expressway between Dorato and Vega Baja. As it is located on the expressway, a high volume of traffic rides down it every day, so the billboard is in prime position for catching the attention of passengers and drivers in their vehicles.

It is also near Doramor Plaza, which attracts people for its fast-food restaurants, supermarkets, and banks. The price to hire this billboard per day is $117, but there is are no minimum number of days that you have to book the billboard.

Boulangerie l Condado Inbound

This billboard is located on Román Baldorioty de Castro PR26, which is another area of Puerto Rico that draws a high volume of traffic. It is located near restaurants, stores, and even car rentals, meaning that it could draw international attention to your business.

It costs $117 to hire the billboard and there is no minimum number of days that you have to book the billboard. This gives you flexibility in changing billboard locations if you want to promote your business in other areas, not just the one.

Map of all billboard locations available here.

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DOOH Advertising Trends

The current trends in DOOH advertising are hard to ignore. Due to the rise in social media, DOOH advertising has become an increasingly popular way of promoting your brand. Digital advancements allow businesses to advertise to specific audiences by using DOOH advertising in public spaces where the brand’s demographic focus can see it.

DOOH advertising also allows businesses and advertisers to manage and track the content that they are displaying to the public. It also allows users to personalize their advertising to draw in the right audience, making it incredibly effective in promoting businesses.

bMedia: DOOH Advertising Specialists

DOOH advertising is the new way to promote your business. Digital advertising is much more effective than OOH advertising as users can control their advertising by personalizing the content to their target demographic. This allows businesses to reach out to their customers and promote their brands.

Billboard advertising is an extremely effective way to advertise your business, and digital billboards further promote your company by being incredibly eye-catching. Digital billboards that are owned by bMedia are situated in places that generate a lot of traffic, meaning that they will be seen by thousands of people so businesses can gain more attention.

Finally, if you are not DOOH advertising your business, you will be missing out on gaining new interest, attention, and clients. DOOH advertising is extremely important in making sure that your business receives the attention that it deserves.