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Business Partner
& Industry Leader

We are the local leaders in everything related to outdoor media.

About bMedia

As a local leading media company, our goal is to provide advertising vehicles that makes your message get through your target market in order to solidify your brand image and / or increase your sales through impact, quality, innovation, and distinct services.

What we do?

We deliver immediate reach and impact at a very efficient CPM

Highly qualified

You will work hand in hand with strategists and media experts that will provide effective and measurable solutions to your business.

Pioneering in

We are a technology driven company. We thrive to provide for innovation. We thrive on innovation by disrupting categories, exciting consumers in order to stimulate your sales. We make things happen in unprecedented ways.

Car Tracking solutions
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Expreso John F. Kennedy: PR2

Data and

Since data is everything, we have pioneered and innovated to gather accurate, real time information from any of our properties in order to provide real time ROI and CPM.

Reach 90% of
the population
in minutes

There are over 500 high impact locations to choose from, in a variety of formats. Our island wide billboards statistically have the highest consumer traffic and reach in Puerto Rico

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