They’ve been around for so long and continue to be something we see frequently. So why are billboards so effective? Even though many consider billboards to be antiquated, they still comprise a significant amount of advertiser spending.

Billboards may be antiquated, but they are undeniably effective. Due to their effectiveness, a good billboard is an invaluable piece of advertising that can easily lead to greater brand awareness, greater sales, and greater profit.

People Spend A Lot Of Time On The Road

The total population of Puerto Rico is 3.2-million people. For every 1,000 people, in Puerto Rico, 614 people own and drive a car. There are a lot of drivers in Puerto Rico, and people in Puerto Rico spend a lot of time on the road. Since there are so many drivers in Puerto Rico, it’s very easy for billboards to be noticed and seen.

You Can Place A Billboard In Areas With Heavy Traffic

The San Juan area, in Puerto Rico, is exceptionally busy. The busiest highway in San Juan sees an average of 286,600 people driving across it every single day. That is a lot of people, many of whom are spending large amounts of time on the road, waiting for the traffic to lessen so they can get to wherever they need to be.

Since billboards are, more often than not, large advertising displays that are placed along roads, they can be set up in areas like San Juan. By being set up within those areas, you are able to convey what you offer to many, many people. So consider the number of eyes on billboards when you ask yourself, “Why are billboards so effective?”

empty billboard in san juan, puerto rico

A Good Billboard Is Very Memorable

A billboard, if it is well-designed, can be extremely memorable.

So memorable, in fact, that it not only spreads awareness of your brand and what you are offering but inspires the person who noticed the billboard to follow up and see what you offer.

A Good Billboard Conveys What You Offer In A Compelling Manner

A billboard, if it is well-designed, conveys exactly what you offer in a manner that is genuinely memorable and compelling.

Through the use of images and words – among others, if you’re using a digital billboard – you are able to create unique advertisements that capture people’s attention, showing them what you offer while also entertaining them with the advertisement’s design.

People Will See Your Billboard More Than Once

Just about everyone has a familiar series of routes that they take. Each one of these routes makes it easy for people to get to work, school, home; and anywhere else that they need to go. By placing a billboard on a popular route, it is very likely that those same people will see and engage with your billboard many, many times.

As science has shown, if someone sees a particular advertisement over and over, it will become internalized and associated with a particular service or idea. Billboards allow your brand and services to be noticed and internalized by the people driving by them, allowing more and more people to know what you do and to follow up on what it is that you offer.

People Enjoy Looking At Billboards

Just over a decade ago, a study known as the “Arbitron National In-Car Study” was conducted. One of the most interesting pieces of information this study uncovered was that around 71% of drivers actively look at and engage with the billboards that they see while driving. Billboards break up the monotony of driving – especially long drives – and give people something nice to see and think about.

You Can Use A Billboard To Advertise Anything

As a form of advertising, billboards are extremely versatile. Much of this versatility comes down to the medium itself, which can make use of unique colors, drawings, words, shapes, and figures; among a plethora of other elements.

Since billboards can make use of those elements, billboards can be used to advertise just about anything. This means that no matter what you offer, you can use a billboard to reach large numbers of people with ease. But, of course, for this billboard to be successful, it must be well-designed and it must make use of an effective billboard marketing strategy.

digital billboard in Turkey

You Can Place A Billboard Just About Anywhere

Most people, when they think of billboards, think of large, colorful boards that are on the side of a road. That is, generally speaking, quite accurate. But, the billboard medium is so varied and diverse that you are able to not only advertise anything, but you can place a billboard just about anywhere.

Moving billboards and digital billboards are two examples of the versatility that billboards offer.

Billboards Can Be Very Dynamic

Why are billboards so effective? Because they’re ever-changing.

Digital billboards are only becoming more and more popular. It isn’t difficult to see why this is the case, since digital billboards allow for incredibly versatile and dynamic advertisements to be created with the kind of ease and efficiency that traditional billboards simply don’t allow for.

For many advertisers, one of the most unique benefits that digital billboards offer is their inherently dynamic nature. Digital billboards can be set up to display jall kinds of unique and dynamic advertisements that make use of videos, various sounds and musical compositions, animations; and a wide variety of other extremely unique elements. Each one of these elements allows for dynamic advertisements that are genuinely distinctive and incredibly memorable.

You Can Change A Billboard Quickly And Easily

A traditional billboard is, essentially, completely static. You can change a traditional billboard, but doing so is expensive and labor-intensive. Because of this, when you set up a billboard with a particular advertisement, it’s likely that advertisement will remain there for as long as you are using the billboard.

Traditional billboards aren’t the only billboards that you can use, though. More and more advertisers are using digital billboards, which can be changed very quickly. If a particular message isn’t working, you can change the message that’s being displayed with the click of a few buttons.

Because of this, digital billboards make it easy for you to respond to what isn’t working, and what is, with the same ease that internet advertising – to name one example – allows for.

Why are billboards so effective? Simply put, they’re large and attractive, they’re in high-traffic areas, and they’re effective.