Billboard advertising effectiveness has never been in question. That’s one main reason we still see billboards even today, after being around for so long.

With the emergence of social media advertising and other digital marketing trends, some may consider that outdoor advertising is past its hay-day. But that misconception is largely unfounded.

In fact, with the rise of the digital age, billboard marketing may even be more relevant and effective today. Not to mention, the measurables and key performance indicators alike are easier than ever to track, like impressions, reach, etc.

With ever-developing effects, such as digital screens, 3-D figures, or different structures, the concept of the billboard and why it works remains the same.  Companies should instead consider the billboard as a key (if not main) method of advertising and a staple across all industries.

Any way you look at it, billboard advertising works, and its effectiveness has proven itself for decades. Here are some of the top reasons for billboards advertising effectiveness:

Billboard advertising effectiveness

The World is On the Move

Over time, countries all over the world have become more mobile. People spend less time at home. Whether enjoying a road trip or travel, commuting to work, or simply seeking a new experience, the citizens of the globe are on the move. There’s always somewhere to go. Are you in their path?

All that time in our cars adds up, and advertisements placed roadside where travelers and commuters can see them are sure to be noticed.


Drivers are a Captive Audience

Drivers’ eyes are on the road, but their eyes can also fall upon the large, visually appealing billboards by the roadside.

It has always been true that drivers are a captive audience and it is becoming even more true with harsh legislation banning texting and driving, as well as driving while distracted tickets rolling out every year.

While drivers can turn down the radio or subscribe to a completely ad-free channel, they jeopardize their very safety by taking their eyes off the road. With very little else to safely distract them, chances are they will spend a few moments peering at that billboard.


And, unlike other advertising mediums, outdoor ads cannot be turned off, hidden, or thrown away.

Billboard Marketing Effectiveness


Billboards Inspire New Ideas

An effective billboard for a restaurant, attraction, or even a unique shop can generate instant sales for travelers who are looking to explore a new area. Some billboards for certain products can be seen actually right outside the storefront!

With a growing culture of exploring off-the-beaten-path and seeking unique experiences, a well-placed billboard that provides directions to an unusual spot can generate instant sales.

This makes a billboard a surprisingly cost-effective method of advertising, as well. Although the original billboard itself can be pretty costly to design and erect, if placed effectively, it will more than make back its cost in sales.

Advancements in billboard technology have also added a new dimension to billboard advertising effectiveness, with the ability to display multiple ads throughout the day.

Why Billboards are Effective | bMedia Group

Brand Repetition & Exposure

High brand awareness lies in repetition and exposure. While a tried-and-true marketing strategy, may help your brand awareness efforts, doing so is not only expensive but also increasingly difficult to get noticed (unless you dish out some major cash on ad platforms).

Billboard advertising is the only marketing media where the advertiser has full control of the ad space. The ad has constant exposure – no other media allows your message to be displayed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s is a powerful marketing tool.

Advertising Effectiveness Billboards

If what audiences see in your billboard makes them laugh, inspires them, reminds them of a positive memory or any other avenue of emotional connection…you’ve probably secured a loyal customer.

Let’s face it– today’s consumers are constantly barraged with advertisements in print (maybe not as much these days), online, over the radio (again, starting to see less of this too), commercials on television, and even on social media. And because you probably typed in something like, “Billboard advertising effectiveness” into Google, you’ll probably get some more ads (not from us) delivered to you with that message.

With a constant stream of sellers courting each consumer, a very particular method of selection based on an emotional connection has emerged. Think about it: if an advertisement can charm you or make you laugh in the few seconds it takes to view it, don’t you think more positively about that company?

The same concept applies to billboards and works in Out Of Home (OOH) advertising better than many other advertising avenues. You have a captive audience guaranteed to glance over your billboard for at least a few seconds, think about it while they drive, remember the visual, and engage in their mind.

Photo of effective billboard | Why billboards work

Impact & Creativity

Billboard marketing is big, bold, colorful, and creative.

With all the technological advancements and swirls of advertisers globally, companies are encouraged to top one another in creativity and thinking outside the box. Consumers have come to expect this and celebrate it.

For example, Chick-Fil-A is just another fast-food sandwich stop, isn’t it? Wrong.

Chick-Fil-A is a globally recognized brand for a myriad of reasons, including their top-notch customer service, good works, and their famous billboards.

The second you glimpse a familiar black and white billboard in the distance with hand-painted splashes of red, you know what you’re looking at. That’s even before you see the 3D cows posed in a variety of amusing positions, or the humble red Chick-Fil-A logo. The cows “vandalizing” the billboard has become an expected and creative part of their advertising strategy, and to look at their earnings, we think its’ working. You know exactly what their message is and the creative aspect of cows delivering that message is the difference – “Eat More Chikin.”

So if you are looking to stand out from the crowd, reach people faster and more effectively, consider billboard marketing in your arsenal and budget.

If you’re interested in outdoor advertisement opportunities in the Puerto Rico area, there are plenty of options and areas from which to choose. Contact bMedia to learn more.

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