Our beautiful island of Puerto Rico boasts exquisite beaches and is home to a vibrant culture that includes upbeat music, people, and most importantly, exquisite cuisine. When visiting the island, prepare to fuel up on some of the most delicious dishes of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rican cuisine is extremely diverse and is influenced by West African, Spanish, and Indigenous Taino ingredients and cooking styles. Popular ingredients in Puerto Rican cuisine include plantains, yucca, rice (Arroz), papaya, tropical fruits and vegetables, and more. Here are some of the best foods to try in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rican Foods to Try

There are some traditional and popular foods that are loved by Puerto Ricans and visitors alike.

Some of the most authentic foods to try in Puerto Rico are as follows:


This Puerto Rican delight is made with green plantains, mashed garlic, and meat such as chicken, beef, fish, or small pieces of chicharron.

The plantain is chopped into pieces and fried, they are then crushed and molded into a bowl with a hollow inside where the meat is placed.

Mofongo can be found at various food trucks and restaurants and is considered one of the most popular Puerto Rican dishes.

tostones puerto rico


This dish, which is often served as an appetizer, is made with thinly sliced plantains coated in batter.

Tostones are deep-fried and flattened using a tostonera, which is a wooden press.

They are often served with a condiment made from ketchup, mayonnaise, garlic, and other spices, also known as mayo ketchup.


Tembleque is a dessert pudding made from coconut milk, sugar, salt, and cornstarch.

It has a smooth consistency and is often topped with cinnamon.

This dessert is enjoyed all year round but is a staple for the Christmas season.


Pasteles are a combination of vegetable dough and meat filling and can be made with either yucca or green plantain.

They are stuffed with meat, usually pork, but can also include vegetables and pumpkin.

They are wrapped in banana leaves and boiled until the leaves fall off. Once ready, they are seasoned with achiote and sofrito.

octopus salad puerto rico

Ensalada de Pulpo

In English, this dish translates to octopus salad, and that’s exactly what it is.

Ensalada de Pulpo is made from chewy octopus and tart vinegar.

This dish is usually served with another Puerto Rican favorite, Tostones.

Rellenos de Papa

Rellenos de papa is a popular island appetizer best described as a savory mashed potato croquette stuffed with ground meat or picadillo and seasoned with sofrito.

Other ingredients, such as cheese, onions, and other vegetables can also be found in Rellenos de Papa.

arroz con gandules puerto rico

Arroz con Gandules

This is probably one of the most popular foods to try in Puerto Rico.

This holy grail dish centers around rice and Gandules, or pigeon peas.

Gandules are used often in Caribbean cuisine and manifest as small, green, oval beans that contain a nutty flavor.

Arroz con Gandules or Puerto Rican rice is the island’s national dish along with roasted pork, or Pernil.


Pernil is a slow-roasted pork leg or shoulder marinated with adobo mojado, which is a mixture of olive oil, vinegar, garlic, oregano, salt, and black pepper.

Pernil is most often served with Arroz con Gandules or sweet plantains and is usually enjoyed during the holidays.

mofongo with shrimp puerto rico

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