One of Puerto Rico’s greatest claims to fame is its rum manufacturing. Not only is rum an important export of the island. The industry also employs lots of people all across the island to make this distinct drink.

Although high-quality Puerto Rican rum can be pricey, great rum doesn’t have to be expensive. If a rum has rich and complex flavors, it will absolutely drink well on its own. If it tastes good in a rum cocktail, as well as on its own as a sipping beverage, then you have certainly found a great, high-quality rum — no matter the cost. So if you’re asking yourself, “What’s the best rum in Puerto Rico,” read on to find out!

whats the best puerto rican rum

Types of Rum

Rum varies in type according to the way it is made, the length of distillation, and the type of materials used. Rum types include:

  • Dark Rum
  • Light Rum
  • Premium Aged Rum
  • Fruit Infused Rum
  • Vintage Rum
  • Overproof Rum

There are many types of rum from all over the world. Puerto Rico happens to be one of the most well-known places that produce rum.

History of Rum Making in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is certainly known for its rum production. This small island has captured the attention of the world, as well as a good percentage of North American rum drinkers.

Rum makers on the Caribbean island of Barbados bear the title as the original rum manufacturer. Rum production there dates back to the early 18th century. Puerto Rican rum production, on the other hand, dates back over a century and a half.

By the mid-1800s, sugarcane farming had become a major industry of the Caribbean. At one point, there were over seven hundred sugarcane plantations on the island of Puerto Rico alone. In addition to exporting sugarcane and sugar on its own, Puerto Rico began to produce rum from its sugarcane crops.

Spaniard Don Juan Serrallés imported a still from France, and in 1865, he produced the first casks of Don Q rum, named for the novel Don Quixote. The Don Q manufacturers set out to produce the perfect rum using a unique yeast and white oak barrels from America. Don Q rum is still produced in Puerto Rico to this day.

best rum in puerto rico

Even though it is a small island, Puerto Rico has established its place in rum production on an international scale.  In fact, Puerto Rico calls itself the rum capital of the world. The island produces over eighty percent of all rum consumed in the US.

Puerto Rican rums are made by five major companies. These include: Don Q, Bacardí, Palo Viejo, Ron del Barrilito, and Ron Llave. These Puerto Rican rum brands have a reputation for high standards of production and consistent, high-quality products. Each of these can be considered by many to be the best rum in Puerto Rico.

Best Puerto Rican Rums

Don Q

The Serrallés family has been perfecting their Don Q rum for six generations. It is the best-selling rum on the island and the preferred rum of Puerto Rican drinking establishments. Current production includes Don Q Cristal, Don Q Añejo, Don Q Gold, and Don Q Limon.


Bacardí rum business began in Cuba. Facundo Bacardí Masso started his rum production over a century and a half ago. Although Bacardí started in Cuba, it has an important facility in Cataño, Puerto Rico. Established in 1930, this distillery became the largest premium rum distillery in the world. Tourists visiting Puerto Rico can visit Casa Bacardí at the distillery to learn about the Bacardí brand and its history, as well as engage in tastings. As well as several rum varieties, Bacardí products include Grey Goose vodka, Dewar’s whiskey, Bombay Sapphire gin, and Cazadores tequila.

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Palo Viejo

Palo Viejo rum, like Don Q, is made by the Serrallés Distillery. Palo Ready, created in 2015, comes in a ready-to-drink pouch containing Palo Viejo rum and various juices. These can be used to create such rum cocktails as sangria, limoncello, and island rum punch.

Ron del Barrilito

The Ron del Barrilito rum business was created by Pedro F. Fernández. He established the distillery in 1871.  It is located on what once was his father’s sugarcane plantation. The name Ron del Barrilito refers to its aging in barrels. The distillery has fewer than ten employees. Four are family members. The company continues to use the same formula Pedro Fernandez used. Although small, Ron del Barrilito is part of Puerto Rico’s rich rum tradition.

Ron Llave

Ron Llave is another premium Puerto Rican rum whose history dates back to the 19th century. Ron Llave, unlike some of the other primary Puerto Rican rums, is produced in Arecibo, a city on the northern coast of Puerto Rico. Ron Llave has a wide variety of premium rums to choose from.

Rum Advertising

Rum companies, like other manufacturers of alcoholic beverages, face tight competition. Especially in a place like Puerto Rico, where rum is very popular and there are many different manufacturers, it’s important to stand out. The goal should be to produce brand awareness, encourage drinkers to buy their brand over others, and showcase new products.

With effective advertising, rum producers can persuade drinkers to switch to rum from another alcohol. They can also advertise to reach new customers or even convert those who tend to drink other rum brands. Through ads targeting customers who don’t know much about rum, these brands can build a new niche market from a target audience.

As new companies begin rum production and as new products emerge, rum manufacturers strive to attract consumers in a competitive business.

Benefits of Outdoor Advertising

Whether in Puerto Rico or anywhere else in the world, we are a society on the move. We spend a lot of time in cars, buses, trains, on bikes, and on foot getting to work, to school, or touring. That is why outdoor advertising is such an effective way to get brands known, new products introduced, and special events publicized.

We see advertising communications everywhere. Brand messaging can be shared on highway billboards, transit posters, and ads on buildings, trains, and buses.

Because outdoor advertising is big, bold, and interactive, it grabs the viewer’s eye. Many passersby make the same trip multiple times per day. Especially when caught in traffic, they are a captive audience.

Outdoor advertising gives advertisers a great return on investment. A survey found that seven in ten people read billboards consciously as they pass. Over ten percent say they made a purchase based on outdoor ads within a week of seeing the ad. So whether you’re making the best rum in Puerto Rico, or you’re just getting your brand off the ground, you can certainly benefit from outdoor advertising.

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Why Choose bMedia to Advertise Your Rum?

Like every other business, rum manufacturers want to get their brand out there and recognized. They want to boost sales and outsell their competition. When a new product is released, the company wants the public to know about it. If they are planning a special event to showcase their product, they want to entice potential buyers to attend.

Any brand will have only so much money to put into advertising. Thus, they will want to put their advertising dollars where they will attract buyers. Outdoor advertising has proven to be one of the most effective ways to tell the public about a product.

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