Interactive billboards are a type of advertising that requires audience participation. It is an advertisement that is adapted or enhanced by the consumer’s interaction with it. 

Whether activating a smartphone to view a hidden message on the billboard or changing their body posture to view the ad at a precise angle to display the promotion, interactive billboards have become very popular due to their high effectiveness.

What Is Interactive Billboards Advertising?

Interactive advertising is an effective display method that persuades people to interact with billboard advertisements and establishes a connection between the target audience and the brand. 

It allows companies to create and increase their communication with customers. It is one of the best ways to influence them to actively see and react to an ad, rather than seeing it as just another ad and easily ignoring it.

The Best Interactive Billboards Campaigns

The best way to have consumers remember and form a connection with your brand is to have them interact with it directly.

Some examples of this would be providing the consumer with a positive customer experience inside a retail outlet or hosting some sort of competition involving your brand. However, with a bit of creativity and the right marketing team, you can get consumers to interact with your brand through the medium of billboards.

We’ve collected a list of some of the most inspiring ones that have caught our attention.

L&P Summer Swag

What Is Interactive Billboards Advertising?

The biggest obstacle when it comes to the interactive billboard is the interactive part. What is the billboard supposed to interact with and how does it interact with that thing? The goal is often to get consumers to interact with the billboard, but in order to do so the proper motivation must be in place. There has to be some sort of reward that one can gain from taking an action.

While similar in concept to the Burt’s Bees ad we’ve covered previously, New Zealand soda company L&P goes a step further by upping consumer motivation with better rewards.

This L&P billboard gives everyone who interacts with it free wearable merchandise. On top of being an effective ad, the merchandise provided by the billboard continues to remind the consumer of the brand.

Nike’s UNICEF Treadmill Billboard

Nike’s UNICEF Treadmill Billboard

Many interactive billboards generally rely on the use of an app or website which can be accessed from a smartphone. This billboard however is powered by your feet! And legs. And rest of your body.

Nike teamed up with UNICEF in order to publicize a 10k run in Argentina, they partnered up with while also spreading philanthropy. They set up a three dimensional billboard that was linked up to a treadmill. The treadmill would track the distance run and send the information back to the billboard, which would display the number

The piece that ties everything together is the motivation given to the audience. For every kilometer run, Nike promised to donate a set amount of money to UNICEF. Given the billboard’s timing right before Nike’s 10k, preparing for the run using this billboard’s treadmill would directly end up helping others in need.

Prigat Smile Stations

BMedia – Puerto Rico’s Interactive Billboards Experts

When you’re having a bad day, sometimes all it takes is a kind word in order to make you feel a bit better. Whether it’s a compliment from a stranger or a joke made by a friend, a small amount of joy goes a long way. Israeli juice company Prigat teamed up with famed branding firm Publicis in order to test out this concept and spread some happiness.

These billboards, dubbed “Smile Stations” by Prigat, were set up in train stations dotting Israel. The idea for the smile stations were to have an interactive billboard which provided amusing or uplifting content to anyone who passed by. Instead of just having the billboard spout inane, cookie cutter compliments, Publicis and Prigat instead decided to let consumers create the content themselves.

People who liked Prigat’s page on Facebook were invited to post content with the intention of making the reader smile. This content was then sent to the smile stations for passerby to see and interact with. If someone looking at the billboard enjoyed the content, they would be able to hit a physical Facebook “like” button on the smile station which would then capture their expression.

BMedia – Puerto Rico’s Interactive Billboards Experts

bMedia are Puerto Rico’s interactive billboards experts. If you want to grow your business on the island, we’re here to help make that happen. Let our team of experts guide you through the media planning process from beginning to end. bMedia has a wide selection of outdoor media, like interactive billboards, to choose from. On our website, you can click on each billboard type and learn more about the specific advertising format. 

Our seasoned team can work with you to plan and execute your next extensive advertising campaign. We have the reach, analytics, and knowledge to help you get your message out to the public in the most effective way possible.

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