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Billboard Media Group has provided some of the best Puerto Rico outdoor advertising services. We continue to give our customers end products that help to captive and promote business, products, and services. Outdoor media still remains a proven method to get in front of potential customers and for good reason!

Puerto Rico is a densely populated island, containing just over 3.5 million people across roughly 100 lengthwise miles of island. Driving point-to-point on Puerto Rico is a shorter distance than a drive from San Diego to LA, and yet, there are over 1,000 people per square mile on Puerto Rico. That’s a huge amount of people for the space – and considering that there are over 3 million registered vehicles on the island, you can figure that traffic is going to result (source: Puerto Rican Traffic Commission).

Nobody likes traffic. Puerto Rico Outdoor Advertising is the Solution

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bMedia Group provides Puerto Rico outdoor advertising to companies. Fortuantely, the severe traffic situation in Puerto Rico is good for one thing. It opens up a host of opportunities for advertisers who are looking to nab the attention of those bored motorists. Billboards in Puerto Rico are the way to gain new attention for your company, brand, or service.

While there’s no doubt that the arrival of the digital age has and will continue to change the way that we think about advertising, some older forms of advertising are here to stay. For as long as people are still driving their cars, billboard marketing and other forms of outdoor media will be an unavoidable, eminent platform for advertising.

Digital Billboards in Puerto Rico

Only a small percentage of billboards across the United States are digital billboards. Still, with new age technology, digital billboards in Puerto Rico are becoming more popular. Digital billboards give companies and businesses the flexibility to test, enhance, and re-test their billboards without expensive overhead and new design costs. Contact us for the industry’s leading billboards in Puerto Rico.

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We are one of the most trusted sources of billboards and Puerto Rico outdoor advertising. We have tried and true methadology that allows to optimize billboards that promote brands and companies, plus much more. Fortunately, billboards are still some of the most effective forms of advertising. Our customers have show significant ROI and have shared data points that speak for themselves.


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Billboard Advertising Statistics

As is discussed in this Forbes article, people are not only still taking note of the billboard advertisements around them; they’re actively engaged with the advertisements at hand. One particular statistic of note that is discussed in the article is that 56% of people polled discussed something noteworthy about advertisements they saw on billboards, which provides a pretty compelling look into the psychology of motorists and advertisements.

Discussing Billboard Content

It’s hard to overstate the value of having your viewers already inside their cars when they see your ad. In the study referenced above, a stunning 1/4th of viewers immediately traveled to the store in question after seeing their billboard advertisement. Other methods of advertising are lucky to draw a 10% ad-to-lead rate, and yet the most specific, most immediately result of viewing these billboard ads still draws a 25% rate of engagement. It’s a favorable way to advertise no matter what way you slice it!

Action from Billboards

Even with the task of driving at hand, the mind of a motorist has a lot of downtime. Drivers take this time to think about their day – what supplies they need from the store, what they’re going to do after work. Allowing your potential customers to see your billboard advertisement while they’re in this state of mind is ideal. And in a place like Puerto Rico, which is densely packed with businesses and people alike, the exposure you get with a billboard advertisement is nearly limitless.

Placing advertisements on billboards also serves as something of an automatic demographic control. After all, the majority of potential customers seeing your advertisement are likely commuting to their job, and they are affluent enough to invest in a vehicle for personal transportation. That means that your outdoor media is almost exclusively going to reach people who fall within your economic demographic – unlike traditional advertising in media.

About bMedia Group

bMedia Group has 18 different billboards located at strategic locations throughout the island, which you can choose to target your audience based on the location of your business or businesses. If you are interested in billboard marketing for your business, please contact our helpful staff today!