As far as types of billboard advertising go there are three main classes that make up the industry for outdoor advertising screens: Static, Digital & Prismavision

Most people can intuitively decipher what static and digital outdoor advertising screens represent so we are going to discuss the latter of the three, Prismavision billboards. Prismavision is often referred to as the “three-message sign.” Why? Well, Prismavision’s name comes from the way it works “Prismavision”  which uses prisms to display content, other names for Prismavision include Prismatic Display, Trivision, Three Message Sign, Tri-Face or VMS’s (Variable Message Sign).

Different Types of Outdoor Advertising Screens

Many may think of outdoor advertising as simple poster billboards displayed near roadways and high trafficked areas. While this is true, businesses should note that outdoor advertising has come a long way. With the new digital era, there are various types of outdoor advertising screens that can really enhance the overall message and provide effectiveness for increased return on investment. Outdoor advertising agencies, such as bMedia Group, can give clarity to business for the best types of advertising. In general, different types of screens include:

  • Static – As one of the most effective forms of advertising, static billboards support businesses 24/7 with around-the-clock exposure for wide viewership. As static images, they do not change and remain a constant for a business display.
  • Digital – Utilizing LED lights and timers, digital billboards offer versatility as they can be frequently updated or changed. Measuring effectiveness and readjusting is much more simple than with a static billboard.
  • Prismavision – As an alternative to static and digital, prismavision billboards are made of aluminum and can alternate between ads much like digital. Businesses can create multiple advertisements or messages within one outdoor media ad. It also stays in place for longer than digital ads.

bMedia Outdoor Advertising Options

Puerto Rico outdoor advertising agency, bMedia, offers multiple forms of outdoor advertising options. Whether you’re looking for effective signage in static formats, or looking to go digital, we can help sort through the best mediums. In addition, we also offer prismavision, which is still a widely go-to source for businesses looking for better outdoor advertising in Puerto Rico. Contact us today to learn more about our advertising services.

How Prismavision Works

Prismavision billboards consist of long vertical triangular prisms that are skewered by a rotatable poll. These polls pivot 120 degrees to show a new message each time.

In order to display a unified message, one large image is split into multiple slits that all piece together on one side of the prism in order. These vertical slits placed together make up the large image as you see in the image below:

Each of the three sides has a new image and message across it. The rotatable poll allows for each new message to be displayed based upon a predetermined time interval. All of the prisms will rotate to the right or the left in order to present the new combined image slits marketing message.

The Advantages of Prismavision

The clear advantage of the Prismavision is its ability to host three different messages on one billboard traffic location. This is desired as it decreases the cost of the hosted billboard ad as well as offers creative marketing opportunities.

One creative use is to purpose the rotation to display a message in the morning, afternoon and night. For instance, McDonald’s could display its Egg McMuffin on the way to work in the morning and its Big Mac at lunch. Another application could be to build a message by using all three in chronological rotation. This tactic allows you to engage the viewer for longer and display more information than on static outdoor media.

The Prismavision’s rotational movement does more than just allow for multiple messages to be displayed. This rotation catches the attention of the viewers and has been proven to increase the impact of the message’s awareness. The billboards movement also builds anticipation as the new message unveils itself to the public. In a world where digital imagery is becoming routine Prismavision can help to stand out from the crowd with its unique mechanical intrigue.

While Prismavision’s practical implications are still very current in today’s billboard marketing landscape it is not a new invention by any means. In fact, the first patent for a motorized display dates back to the very beginning of the 1900’s – over 110 years ago!

Prismavision is an undoubtedly great way to cut costs and grab people’s attention, but it is not boasted as the most common form of billboard advertising. Prismavision billboards can be very hard to come by especially on the island of Puerto Rico. But you’re in luck!

bMedia has two Prismavision Billboards on the island that you can chose from to promote your brand’s message. You can decide to purchase all three sides or cut your promotional costs by just acquiring one of them. See below for more details.

Our Prismavision Billboards

Expreso PR-52


Visibility: 105K
Dimensions: 14′ x 48′
Resolution: 300DPIs
Color: CMYK

Expreso PR-53


Visibility: 95K
Dimensions: 14′ x 48′
Resolution: 300DPIs
Color: CMYK