The Locations of our Billboards

Advertising Signs Are Still Relevant

Advertising in Puerto Rico through billboard advertising is often overlooked as outdated in the digital age, but this belief couldn’t be less correct. This is especially true when you’re looking at a market such as Puerto Rico because it’s a densely populated island, and many people spend a lot of time in cars. Without much else to stimulate their mind while sitting strapped into their seats, striking advertising signs will really catch their eyes. Also, you don’t have to go through the great expense of finding advertisement signs for sales. We offer competitively priced solutions for you to simply rent space on the signs that we maintain.

Advertising in Puerto Rico

Here are some statistics from the Arbitron National In-Car Study about outdoor media advertising.


Learned about an event they were interested in attending


Reported receiving directional information from a billboard


Visited the retailer they saw on a billboard later that week


Learned about a restaurant they later visited

bMedia Has Your Outdoor Advertising

Whether you’re already a fan of outdoor media or are just thinking about getting involved, bMedia can get you through the process in a way that will produce positive results. We have 18 outdoor billboards at strategic locations throughout Puerto Rico, and they’ve all been positioned in places that are most likely to be seen by large groups of potential customers. Additionally, we’ve done a lot of tracking to know how many people will view each one, and we can even give you more details about what types of people these are. This will help you plan your advertising campaigns in a way that they primarily target the groups you’re hoping to reach. Also, our expertise and experience in the business allows us to give you plenty of advice on what makes a good billboard, as well as what methods will be less successful and should be avoided.

Goals of Outdoor Media

There are many different results that can come from a successful billboard campaign, so the amount of strategies that can be followed is pretty much unlimited. However, two of the biggest reasons for creating outdoor advertising billboards are to boost your image and increase your sales numbers.

Still Useful in a Digital World

The advances of computers and technology have offered many other opportunities for advertising in Puerto Rico, and this is probably the main reason that people so often think that billboard outdoor advertising no longer works. They get used to using all the detailed tracking data provided by online sources, and they forget that physical objects can also be analyzed. But, outdoor billboards are still extremely useful, and there is still a lot of data that can be examined to determine their usefulness.

Additionally, outdoor billboards have some specific advantages over purely electronic forms of advertising. For example, when they’re driving down the road, consumers don’t have a million other flashing icons to catch their eyes like on computer screen. Also, they are basically a captive audience who has no choice but to see your message. Plus, outdoor billboard advertising doesn’t have to compete with technology because it can be used in line with other digital resources. For example, you can use your outdoor billboards to advertise your website address, and then consumers can visit that to start working with your digital strategy.

Outdoor Media is Associated with Location

Unlike with many other forms of advertising, you can control where someone will be when they see your outdoor billboard. Using this physical advantage can be beneficial in many different ways. For example, knowing where the viewer will be allows you to put an advertisement that is relevant to their current situation, and the message can be customized to fit the feelings of the customer at that point in time. This will help them recall the message later because they will associate the feelings they received from the outdoor media billboard with what they were doing at the time. For example, if they were on the way to the beach when they saw an ad for a product to protect their skin from the sun, then they will be more likely to think of that brand when they’re shopping for something similar. Additionally, this whole strategy make consumers feel that the brand is thinking about them and is actually a part of their life. It’s a great step on the pathway to brand loyalty.

Take Advantage of our Expertise

At bMedia Group, we have helped many successful companies increase their brand with our knowledge. Working with so many organizations has given us the experience we need to help your campaign be even more successful, and we’ll use everything that we’ve learned about outdoor media to help strengthen your advertising strategy.